What We Offer

Community Ladders is not your traditional financial planning and advising firm. In fact, as a social business focused on the non-rich, we think we are a drastic departure from that model.

On-going, regular monitoring of your finances

We regularly monitor your finances and track your progress. That is, instead of scheduling and paying for a meeting every time you want your planner to take a peak at your finances, your ongoing membership will ensure that we’ve got a trained eye on your piggy bank throughout the year. Every quarter you will receive a report on your progress, offering suggestions for financial adjustments resulting from any recent life changes, as well as a list of the next actionable steps for reaching your goals (complete with an explanation of why these recommendations are made).  We proceed in consistent, patient steps over time, believing this leads to significant gains in wealth.

Affordable Pricing

Community Ladders is dedicated to ensuring that the same high quality planning services available to affluent Americans are available to members of the community at all income levels and life stages. Our membership fee structure is designed to empower individuals to take responsibility for their finances and begin to build wealth, no matter the starting point.

No Dependency

We will not take over your personal finances and you will never become dependent on our services. We explain in detail everything we recommend (our tendency is to be long-winded, if you’ll let us). It is our intent that even if you decide to leave our community, you will have made meaningful progress towards the goal of wisely and effectively managing your finances.

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